Friday, February 15, 2013

My Successful Little Photography Business

I have had a small portrait photography business that I started just over two years ago. It started from humble beginnings, building my portfolio and equipment a little at a time. I like where my business is at now, shooting 3-8 sessions a month depending on the season. It keeps me busy but still allows me to be home with my children much of the time. 


Now, something that a lot of new photographers don't think about is having a solid business plan. If you want to be successful you need to know your market, be smart with your finances, deal with legal issues, communicate with your clients, manage your time, market and promote your work (to name a few)... All on top of the creative/artistic part you fell in love with before you decided to go into business. 

So much of what I've learned has come from applying basic economic and business sense to my photography practice. I'm happy where I am now and have come a long way since I started, both artistically and entrepreneurially (I don't think that's a word...), but I'm always thinking of ways to improve. I believe that that is part of success in this world of photography- being willing to change and adapt. My approach may be somewhat nontraditional, but with photography I believe that the end product (the final images) are what clients value the most. 

So while my studio space may be (very) small, much of my equipment off-brand, and no assistant to help me much of the time, I think my clients understand as long as I deliver great images of them and their children. If they do value large studios and name-brand equipment, they have plenty of other options available. As to the overall quality, they know I am always giving my best and putting in the time to make their sessions enjoyable and their final images something they want to share and display.

 I love to create things. I love vintage. I love home-made. The shop Serendipitous Sisters was started because I wanted to make my own props & supplies for my photography business, and if I was making one, why not make a whole bunch of them to share? 

The first of many little prop projects...

My mom and sister joined in with some of their crafts, I got my dad to contribute his handy-man skills for a lot of my "projects," and then the shop transformed into what it is now. A bit later my mom opened another shop, River Road Rustics for wedding, event & decor items. Those two shops have been both of my parents' full-time jobs for over a year and a half now. 

The previous post on this blog has gone viral on Pinterest and received tens of thousands of hits over the past few weeks and multiple inquiries about my backdrop stand. I have come up with a lot of affordable photography solutions these past few years, stands included, and I am really excited to share them with you! In the mean time, check out the shop, Serendipitous Sisters for some fun photography backdrops, props & packaging supplies!

Thanks for reading.

Con cariño,


  1. hi, love your tutorials. can you tell me what type of lighting you use for your indoor portraits using your backdrop stands. I can't figure out if i should use continuous or flash and/or softbox or umbrella.

    Thanks very much for your help.

  2. I love taking pictures and have wanted to take great pictures of my grandchildren but I don't have a lot of space or the knowledge. I stumbled on your blog today and just reading about your small space and the simple tools and backgrounds you use, you have encouraged me to go on. I can't thank you enough. I don't need all the biggest and best, I just need to use what I have and can afford.

  3. Hi I wanted to read your post about simple studio lighting setup but the link is not working. Love your tips!

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