Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Workshop

I snapped a few pictures of our workspace at the studio on River Road. I always love seeing other people’s workspace. We’re getting ready for a photo shoot of some new products for the shop!

2 034

This desk & hutch on the other side of the room was made by hand by one of our neighbors when we lived in Utah.

2 032

We always have some tunes going while we’re working… Usually 80’s pop! (That’s the best! My husband often disagrees with me though.)

2 036

This is an old handcart right outside the front door. This type of cart was used by the Mormon pioneers to travel across the country in the early 19th century. As the name suggests, it is pushed and pulled using man power! It makes for a fun backdrop.

2 039

There’s a small irrigation ditch that runs around the perimeter of the yard. It’s fun for boat races, panning for gold, and a pretend castle moat. My daughter Clara would much rather play in the ditch than in the kiddie pool we set up for her.

2 040

Here’s a scene we see a bit too much in our neck of the woods. There’s almost always a range fire burning somewhere close by in the summer months. This picture was taken from right outside the studio. It seems like at least every other year there’s a fire burning directly across the property and we are always crossing our fingers it doesn’t jump the river!

2 068

Here’s another scene we see quite a bit. Did you know it can get rather windy in Idaho? Mix in some dry dirt and you can get a pretty dramatic dust storm!

2 015